Transport management with PTV Smartour – Professional vehicle and truck routing

Transport planning made easy

The transport management software PTV Smartour enables efficient and reliable transport planning for vehicles, trailers and trucks. With the user-friendly and clear interface, PTV Smartour is easy to handle and offers an individual transportation management. Experience how PTV Smartour facilitates your transport logistics.

Time-saving transport planning with PTV Smartour transport management software

The transport planning area is the central component of PTV Smartour transport management software. The interface, that is easy to operate, consists of a List and Map view. All of the truck route planning objects are displayed in the transport planning area. The transportation management objects can be planned automatically or manually into trips regardless of whether this is for a daily or weekly plan.

Transport management software PTV Smartour: Screenshot of the user surface.
The user interface of transport management software PTV Smartour: Clear and with a large variety of functions.
The Screenshot shows the map view of PTV Smartour, visualizing the truck routes.
The map view visualizes the truck route. Transport management made easy with PTV Smartour.

Order structures

PTV Smartour lets you plan mixed transports, thus optimising complex planning situations. You can plan depot-related orders with deliveries from a depot or pickups from a pickup point as well as direct delivery orders from A to B.

Screenshot of PTV Smartour. All transport management applications can be viewed at a look.
Overview of the applications within your transport management. Clear and at a glance with PTV Smartour.

Trip structures

PTV Smartour lets you create different trip structures through automatic or manual planning functions. You can plan depot-related pickups and deliveries as well as transports between two locations, as is typically the case for long-distance haulage. Route splits via depots or hubs are also possible.

As a result, different basic structures are possible. These may include round trips, open trips, start depot-free, end depot-free or completely depot-free trips, as well as trips from depot to depot. In addition to the depot assignment, a different fleet location can also be included during planning.

Suggestion function

PTV Smartour supports the trip planner with intelligent and convenient suggestion functions. In the process, the user receives one or more suggestions on different planning alternatives.

In doing so, the expected costs such as extra expenses or additional kilometres are listed and displayed in the map. On this basis, the dispatcher can make the suitable selection after having considered the individual requirements.


1) Order-based suggestion function
PTV Smartour suggests suitable trips for a selected order and then checks all of the conditions, such as loading capacities, time slot or vehicle requirements.

2) Trip and vehicle-based suggestion function
PTV Smartour suggests suitable vehicles for planned trips whilst also taking into account any restrictions.

It is also possible to arrange for the program to suggest suitable orders for selected trips from an order pool. This ensures that trips are better utilised and cost benefits are generated.

Your benefits

  • Automatic trip planning based on planning objects

  • Mixed transport planning

  • Support by using suggestion function

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