The Challenge?

Route planning software needs to be smart.

Being smart means having a solution for all challenges. For all industries and all kinds of situations. This means that really smart route planning software must take into account a variety of restrictions and be able to handle continuous re-combination. PTV Smartour shows how it is done.

Restrictions? Just do the planning!

Customer Every customer is individual and would like to be treated as such.

Various dates, narrow time windows, fixed appointments, notification obligations ... PTV Smartour gives you an overview. And make your customers happy.

Depots What product is available at a given depot in the delivery area? Do the opening hours of the depot fit into the planning?

You no longer have to worry about how to get the optimal route. PTV Smartour will do it for you!

Number of lorries Is more better?

The more vehicles used, the more complex manual planning becomes. And the routes have to optimised as well. A child's game with PTV Smartour!

Loading Case? Tarp? Cooler? Tail lift Hazardous goods?

Different vehicle characteristics are needed for each type of freight. PTV Smartour leaves nothing to chance. This also includesthe capacity of the vehicle, of course.

Restrictions at the delivery location A tail lift is needed at A, destination B has a low entrance and C cannot handle articulated lorries.

Good that you have factored all this in with PTV Smartour beforehand! 

Driving and rest periods, work hour regulations The next break is due? But actually, your driver needs to be there in half an hour? And where is a suitable parking lot?

PTV Smartour plans required breaks right from the start. This makes all these questions things of the past.