Save costs Save costs through higher efficiency.

Automatic planning improves the utilisation of your resources such as driver, vehicles or trailer. Even smaller fleets can save 7 to 15% through software-based planning in regard to:

  • Sequence
  • Quantity
  • Duration
  • Length of trips

Shorten scheduling Better customer service through quick and reliable planning.

Manual trip planning can easily take up to several hours. PTV Smartour often only takes a few minutes. Use the shorter planning duration to do such things as:

  • To begin earlier with commissioning and loading. This allows you to reduce the number of late, night or morning shifts.
  • Improve your customer service by allowing customers to schedule later. That way you can offer longer ordering times.

Relieve scheduling Ease the scheduling workload through automatic trip planning.

PTV Smartour provides all important information at a glance. Profit from:

  • A fully-automatic and standardised working method
  • Fewer errors and better results
  • An overview of all data and effects when changes in orders, vehicles or customer orders occur

Observe rest periods Support in planning according to regulations.

Use PTV Smartour to harmonise your trip planning even easier. The considered factors:

  • Optimal resources/use of resources
  • Compliance with legal standards such as driving times and rest periods
  • Individual operational agreements of your drivers

Keep key figures in mind Informative reporting at a glance.

Use PTV Smartour to find further savings or optimisation potentials. Your new planning tool provides you with precisely the key figures you need to evaluate your logistics processes.
PTV Smartour will calculate:

  • CO2 emissions and other emission values
  • Toll costs and mileage
  • Transport or vehicle costs
  • Empty trips (to and from depot)