PTV Smartour 2017.1

PTV Smartour 2017.1 is available now. There are three new use cases which can be resolved using the new version.

Create and optimise geographically compact territories – to get compact tours

You can summarise orders into small territories in order to provide a basis for spatially compact and evenly balanced tours.

Optimise the assignment of orders to depots

This is now easy, as PTV Smartour 2017.1 automatically takes the geographic location and additional factors such as depot capacity into account, resulting in optimal assignment of orders to depots.

Optimise precombined tours

Unbalanced precombined tours can be optimised automatically with a single click. The assignment of a given order can change, and any orders that have not yet been assigned to a precombined tour are distributed across the available precombined tours.

Editing tours simultaneously

With PTV Smartour 2017.1 you can open two tours in parallel, compare them with each other and edit them simultaneously. The practical drag-and-drop function also allows you to easily move tour stops from one tour into the other. This not only saves time, but also allows you to revise the tour in accordance with your own ideas.

The new version also comes with the following functionality:

  • Distances and speed profiles are now also available in miles
  • The active/passive status of tours can be changed very easily via macros
  • Telematics service users can summarise orders in such a way that they only need to be confirmed once on the end device

A new module is now available as a beta version for all users of PTV Smartour linked to a telematics system.

Optionally available: "plan/actual comparison" module

This new module allows you to compare tours planned by PTV Smartour with tours executed in real life so you always retain an overview. You need to be using a telematics system in order to make the comparison. The reports from the telematics system are analysed within the module for a selected period. These telematics reports form the basis of the interpretation and compilation of the actual tour.

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