Route planning software PTV Smartour: Professional route optimisation

Efficient and clear with PTV Smartour

PTV Smartour route planning software is the ideal tool for your truck route optimisation. Keep track of all your vehicles and routes with the individual truck route planner software. Learn how PTV Smartour helps you to optimise your route plan processes.

Comprehensive truck route planning with PTV Smartour: Wide range of functions

The PTV Smartour route planning software module enables you a free and order independent routing. The route plan module is based on lorries and includes all relevant truck attributes. Besides that, an integrated toll calculator provides further transport costs incurred. The PTV Smartour route planning software module also calculates emission data and considers low emissions zone within your route.

With PTV Smartour, route planning calculation is quick and easy: The transport route planner software calculates routes between selected stop-off points for different vehicles. Get a quick overview of the features and advantages of PTV Smartour route optimisation software for an efficient route planning:

  • Duration of the truck route
  • Full transport costs, including toll calculator
  • Toll costs delivered by the toll road calculator
  • Emission data Low emission zone map
The Screenshot shows the user interface of PTV Smartour truck route planner software.
Route plan software PTV Smartour: Detailed view of each truck route.
Screenshot of PTV Smartour route planning software. Detailed information about emission data of your truck routes.
The PTV Smartour truck route planner delivers all emission data and also regards any low emission zone.

Customised route planning with PTV Smartour

PTV Smartour route planning software enables you an extensively route optimisation since each route can be edited. For example, points en route can be entered, alternative truck routes can be calculated or the route can be reversed. The following attributes enable customized route planning and  transport management:

  • Truck routing profiles
  • Truck attributes
  • Driving times and rest periods

This ensures convenient access to route optimisation and route plan features in a single system.

Route Planning with PTV - Advantages

  • Free, order-independent route calculation and route planning
  • Identification of the relevant transport costs and data
  • Consideration of individual attributes and truck attributes
  • Emissions calculation and consideration of low emissions zone
  • Toll calculator to consider toll costs

Your benefits

  • Automatic route calculation

  • Identification of the relevant costs and data

  • Consideration of individual attributes


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