Map route planner PTV Smartour: Fleet management software

Supports your daily transport business

The PTV Smartour route map planner supports you efficiently in your transport logistics. The fleet management software considers all necessary information around your order, so that all route planning requirements are covered. Get to know the wide range of functions that PTV Smartour delivery route planner provides you for a clear, structured and efficient transport management.

PTV Smartour multi drop route planner: Considers master data & planning restrictions

PTV Smartour map route planner takes all the planning-related order information into account. These can be imported directly using the order interface of the map route planner software. Alternatively, they can also be stored permanently using the master data at the respective pickup point. With the route mapping software, orders can be fully expanded and scheduled with logistical route planning information. Thanks to the route map planner, this is even possible if these order details are not available in the main system.

Route map planner PTV Smartour: Including all route planning-relevant information for vehicles and drivers

Screenshot: All permitted vehicle groups are listed by the delivery route planner software.
The PTV Smartour route map planner provides all permitted vehicle groups. Easy to handle with the clear user interface.

The following information around vehicles and drivers is covered by the map route planner PTV Smartour:

  • Vehicle requirement
  • Truck attributes
  • Driving time and rest periods, work hour regulation
  • Individual vehicle profiles, speed classes, Multidima
  • All order dimensions are covered by the map route planner

All order-relevant information covered by the multi drop route planner PTV Smartour

The Screenshot shows the user interface of the route map planner, including the opening hours of a depot.
The map route planner by PTV Smartour considers the opening hours of a depot for an efficient route planning.
Screenshot: The route mapping software shows your equipment at a glance.
Get a clear overview of all your equipment with the PTV Smartour multi drop route planner.

Besides information about vehicles and drivers, the multi drop route planner also includes all order-relevant information:

  • Order types (pickup, delivery, transport)
  • 10 capacity values (weight, volume, etc.)
  • Customer ID (for pickup and delivery)
  • Addresses for deliveries and pickups and/or coordinates
  • Deadlines or time slots for pickup and delivery, depot opening hours
  • Availability of goods
  • Multiple time slots
  • Tolerance classes
  • Load restrictions
  • Precombined trip
  • Restrictions
  • General order information

Well organized with the map route planner software by PTV Smartour

PTV Smartour route map planner creates and manages different vehicle categories including individual speed profiles. In addition, the map route planner visualizes logistical requirements, even if they cannot be made available through the order data out of the external system conducting the order (e.g. vehicle restrictions). PTV Smartour multi drop route planner assigns vehicles or their settings to a version. Equipment changes at a specific date can be included easily.

Map route planner by PTV: Advantages

  • Observation of multiple time slots
  • Tolerance classes
  • Load restrictions
  • Individual vehicle restrictions

Your benefits

  • Consideration of various time slots

  • Tolerance classes

  • Merger prohibitions

  • Individual vehicle restrictions

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