PTV Smartour cargo: Optimise freight transport, save freight costs

Transport costs calculation quick and easy

The cargo module by PTV Smartour is your helpful tool to find saving potentials for transport costs. With the integrated freight cost calculator, it is possible to compare transport costs between external and internal use. The cargo module therefore is the basis for further important route planning decisions. From transport costs perspective, the freight transport module answers the question whether trips should be run in-house or handed over to forwarders.

Cargo module PTV Smartour: Keep the overview of the freight costs

With the PTV Smartour cargo module, all forwarders can be created and be assigned to the appropriate trips, created in PTV Smartour map route planner software. The freight cost module enables to manage individual freight charges for each forwarder. Therefore, the exact freight costs can be calculated. The cargo tool allows both simple distance- and quantity-based structures as well as complex variations with different surcharges to be modelled. The PTV Smartour transport cost calculator uses the integrated eCargo component of our partner LOCOM GmbH Software to produce freight tariffs and to calculate freight charges.

Screenshot of the PTV Smartour freight transport module.
PTV Smartour cargo module: The freight charges table gives a clear overview for an efficient freight cost calculation.
The Screenshot shows a freight costs comparison between different forwarders.
PTV Smartour freight transport module: Freight cost comparison to decide how to run a trip: In-House or hand it over to forwarders.

Cargo module - Advantages

  • Individual freight charges for each forwarder
  • Forwarder transport cost comparison (external & internal)

Your benefits

  • Individual freight tariffs for every forwarder

  • Forwarder cost comparison (internal and external comparison)


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