Trip planning according to your needs - with PTV Smartour

PTV Smartour is the specialist in the field of professional trip planning.

PTV Smartour automatically plans your orders to optimum trips and includes all restrictions which are relevant for you and your customers. This makes the software as individual as you are and it can be customised to your workflow requirements, system environment and complex planning tasks. Many important functions in PTV Smartour support you in your day to day planning tasks.

Professional trip planning - Your daily logistics assistance

Whether daily or weekly plans, mixed traffic, custody related orders or direct deliveries - With the trip planning of PTV Smartour you can plan and optimise your trips taking into account your individual planning objects and master data.

Transport management with PTV Smartour – Professional vehicle and truck routing

Consider master data and planning restrictions for your trip planning

Plan your orders precisely - PTV Smartour takes into account your individual  master data and planning restrictions. This is accomplished by importing a job interface or permanent deposit in the system.

Freight calculation with PTV Smartour

The professional  trip planning of PTV Smartour enables you to compare costs between external and internal use. The load calculation is based on specific fright rates and surcharges. Thanks to the trip planning of PTV Smartour you are always making the right business decision.

Integrated route planning

Use the integrated truck route planning for free, order-dependent routing. You will receive information about duration, transport and toll costs as well as emissions.

Telematics integration

Transfer your trips planned with PTV Smartour on your devices. With the integration of telematics you can always monitor the status of your live tours: current vehicle position, delivery status and impacts on the current tour.