Transport optimisation

There is a growing awareness of the fact that transport can have great influence on customer satisfaction as well as on costs, flexibility and sustainability. PTV Smartour Transport optimisation offers unique opportunities to achieve improvement in those exact factors. PTV Smartour Transport optimisation automatically plans your assignments into routes. In doing this, the system also takes into account all restrictions that apply to you and to your customers.

Transport optimisation especially for you

PTV Smartour Transport optimisation includes, among others, the following functions:

  • Multi-depot planning and planning of sub depots;
  • Transport costs, toll and CO2 emissions calculations;
  • Planning of various flows;
  • 'What-if'simulations.

PTV Smartour transport software is suitable for a variety of  business companies, from transport companies, to bailiffs to thrombosis services. More than 800 customers use the PTV transport optimisation system every day.

Sound balance between costs and customer satisfaction

PTV Smartour transport optimisation ensures that products are transported efficiently and with minimal costs and very satisfied customers. We are happy to assist you in considering customised transport optimisation for your company. Please contact us for further information.

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