Transport management system

Transfer information from your transport management system to PTV Smartour easily! This combination makes it very easy to communicate various types of information. Consider, for example:

  • the loading of vehicles
  • transport progress
  • expected departure and arrival times

Make life easy for yourself by linking your existing transport management system to PTV Smartour. You will be able to make use of the many benefits our software has to offer!

Smart transport management system

Do you need to consider certain restrictions, such as: 

  • different business hours
  • limited height clearances
  • a lifting bridge in pickups and deliveries of goods?

With PTV Smartour it is easy to save this information if your transport management system cannot handle this. By saving this information in PTV Smartour a lot of your route planning can be automated and optimised. This will save you time, money and it helps you operate more environmentally friendly. Would you like to optimise your route planning and transport management? Then you have come to the right place!

All relevant shipping information is included

It is quite possible in practice that your customers operate different business hours. PTV Smartour makes things easy for you by being able to store this information and apply this in your planning process. PTV Smartour actually takes into account all restrictions that relate to your customers and transfers the planning results back to your transport management system. Would you like to find out more about running PTV Smartour in combination with your transport management system? Please contact us, or run the PTV Quick Check.

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