Transport management solutions

PTV Smartour provides customised transport management solutions that save you money and time. PTV Smartour allows you to communicate with your fleet management system, making transport management solutions easy to achieve. This gives you even more options to directly transfer planned routes to your vehicles and to include real-time vehicle information into your planning process. Efficient route planning makes transport management solutions easy to achieve and reduces CO2 emissions.

Effective transport management solutions

PTV Smartour offers an excellent user interface for your fleet management. It makes it easy for you to implement transport management solutions and to process information to and from your vehicles. This guarantees extensive options for monitoring ''real-time routes'' and provides transport management solutions and simple solutions for their further implementation. PTV Smartour therefore provides great support for transport management solutions.

Visibility always and everywhere

Do you need a system that provides transport management solutions? PTV Smartour is the solution for a quick overview. Thanks to PTV Smartour you have a direct overview of your fleet management, at any time of the day. Would you like to know more about our transport management solutions? Please make obligation-free contact with us.

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