Supply chain management

Supply chain management, also known as integral chain management, is a principle to improve efficiency across the supply chain. This is achieved by improving processes and increasing collaboration between suppliers and customers. With PTV Smartour it becomes easier to oversee all processes and plan them more efficiently.

Benefits of smart supply chain management

Smart supply chain management leads to time and money savings. With PTV Smartour you can automatically plan optimised routes. As a result your planning team has more time to focus on providing improved customer service. Your drivers will also less time on the road and the reduced mileage translates to saving on your fuel bill. With PTV software you save time and money!

Optimised supply chain management

PTV Smartour schedules your assignments automatically into optimised routes, taking into account all restrictions relevant to you and to your clients. These could be opening times, fatigue management regulation. As well as vehicle capacity restrictions. Because the software can be configured to your requirements, it's just as individual as you are. All your supply chain management specifics can be included to suit all of your needs. Are you interested in our customers experiences with supply chain management? Feel free to look up our references.

Would you like to find out more?

Let us give you a PTV Smartour demonstration and show the power of supply chain management system. This way you can see for yourself that our system works for you. Do you have questions about the possibilities or our services? Please feel free to contact us.

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