Route planning

By using our PTV Smartour route planning system your fleet will be organised to complete their assignments efficiently. PTV Smartour ensures optimal planning that can save you time and money. PTV Smartour automatically plans your orders into optimal journeys and in the route planning process, takes into account all restrictions that are relevant to you and your customers.

Smart route planning

The PTV Smartour journey and route planning system allows everyone to see the planning process and current activity can be monitored closely. The (hisorical) data that is stored in PTV Smartour can be used to conduct analyses. This allows you to examine tactical and strategic issues and make good choices. Use the CO2 calculations of today as the basis for tomorrow's priorities. Use our knowledge and services for route planning to your own advantage.

Route planning

The PTV Smartour journey planning system includes the route planning module that can be used to calculate routes. This allows you to take into account with factors such as toll and transport costs, emissions, sequences and timeframes and ADR vehicles. PTV Smartour can therefore be used for journey and route planning. Are you interested to know more about route planning for your own business? Please contact us; we are happy to assist you.

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