Logistics planning

Manual logistics planning can easily take up to several hours. In a culture where a 'time is money' principle dominates, this is far from ideal. PTV Smartour allows you to more quickly create an efficient and flexible logistics plan. Utilise these shorter planning times to improve your customer service! In addition, the efficient planning allows you to reduce costs such as:

  • costs for gas
  • costs as a result of late deliveries

Optimal logistics planning

The automatic planning functions of PTV Smartour Ensure that your logistics planning is done within a matter of minutes, thus relieving you from the time consuming task of transport planning manually. PTV Smartour continues on from where you ERP or TMS system stops:

  • The software takes all restrictions for delivery and distribution in account
  • Suggests more optimal routes
  • Helps you reduce CO2 emissions

All these things allow PTV Smartour to offer you a route planning system for optimal logistics planning.

All in one overview

PTV Smartour does complete logistics planning based on customer data, orders and fleet details. With just one action, you can look up the addresses and orders with related conditions and PTV Smartour delivers an efficient and cost saving logistics plan. This way you have ample time to build a better customer service. The software is as individual as you are, making it adaptable to any and every company.

Questions or interested in a demo?

Are you wondering what our logistics planning software can do for your company? What could be the benefits for you? Please contact us; we look forward to assisting you. Or register for an online demo of the software!

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