Freight Management System

Send all of your transport details straight from your freight management system to PTV Smartour. This process lets you communicate various information such as vehicle loading, freight progress and expected departure and arrival times. The combination of your freight management system and PTV Smartour quickly and conveniently provides you with an overview of all of the important fact and figures.

Convenience of the freight management system

Do you need to take into account different hours of operation related to the collection and delivery of goods? Or does your customer have limited vehicle height clearances? Do you require a forklift? Store this information easily in PTV Smartour if your freight management system is unable to process this information. PTV Smartour is the ideal addition to every freight management system.

All relevant information at hand

In practice, it is possible that your customers have variable opening/operarating times. Storing and using such data when planning in PTV Smartour is no problem at all. PTV Smartour takes into account all restrictions that apply to you and your customers and sends your planning results back to your freight management system. Would you like to know more about our freight management system? Please make obligation free contact with us.

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