Delivery scheduling

PTV Smartour is the route planner that can easily help you optimise your delivery scheduling.
With PTV smartour you can calculate the optimal routes for your fleet and update the route while your fleet is on the road. This way you can minimise the impact road work or other unexpected road blockages will have on your delivery scheduling.

Optimising routes with customer information

In addition to planning routes easily, PTV Smartour has other options to help you optimise your delivery scheduling. You can enter customer specific data in the route planner and the planner automatically take this information into account when making a delivery schedule. This way your delivery scheduling will always be accurate and to the point.

Delivery scheduling made easy

With PTV Smartour delivery scheduling will be more accurate and efficient. This doesn't only lead to a reduction of cost on your part, it also helps you improve you customer service you provide. Your customer satisfaction will increase with the help of our delivery scheduling software. Interested ? Request the free demo now.

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