Vehicle scheduling module

This is where the intelligence of Smartour starts to shine. Add in logistical information and restrictions relevant to your orders and customers, and Smartour will create efficient routes that adhere to the guidelines you've set out. Especially useful when you're creating Multi-drop routes that have to take into account several factors.

This might be:


  • Vehicle requirements such as tailgates at depots or customer premises

  • Dimensions of vehicles relevant to load capacity e.g. height, width, weight restrictions (up to a maximum of ten different capacity constraints can be managed at the same time)

  • Speed profiles of individual vehicles

  • Order dimensions

  • Customer IDs for pick-ups and deliveries

  • Customer and depot addresses, height and/or access restrictions

  • Deadlines or timeframes for pick-ups and deliveries

  • Driving times and rest periods to manage driver fatique management compliance

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